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Our Anniversary Bonsai Makes a Unique Anniversary Gift

Tired of the same old anniversary gift ideas? Why not consider giving a truly unique anniversary gift...The Anniversary Bonsai.

Wedding Anniversaries
Why is the anniversary bonsai so unique?
Simple. You can match the age of the bonsai to the years of marriage. For example if you are celebrating your 8th wedding anniversary you can use our bonsai selector to the right to find specifically chosen 8 year old bonsai trees. Just think... That bonsai tree started it's life the same year that you (or that special someone) started your life together in marriage. That is something no other gift can do and is truly a one of a kind gift. The bonsai tree symbolizes some of the keys to a lasting marriage and life: nurturing, patience, caring and growth. Truly a fitting gift for any couple celebrating just a few or many years together!

Sobriety Anniversaries
Do you know someone who has made the positive and life changing decision to become sober? Celebrate their many years of sobriety with a matching bonsai. 3 years sober, get them a 3 year old bonsai as a unique sobriety gift. It symbolically represents a new life journey, a parallel journey if you will, that the tree and the person have taken to arrive at this point.

Cancer Free Anniversaries
Do you know someone who is winning the fight against cancer? The 5 year mark is a significant year in cancer recovery and a 5 year old bonsai tree would be a truly symbolic gift to celebrate the gift of renewed life and hope.

What's also great about the anniversary bonsai is it is great for a man or woman. Flowers are nice but not many men appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A bonsai tree on the other hand, especially the juniper bonsai's, are the perfect gift for a man. Did we mention bonsai trees can last a lifetime? No flowers can do that!

And finally, to make your anniversary bonsai tree completely top notch, add a beautiful bonsai display stand to your order. This base can truly complete the bonsai gift and the recipient will need not worry about how to display the bonsai tree. Add another level to your bonsai gift and consider giving bonsai books or tools with your gift for proper care and long-lasting beauty.

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